Mariano Pagella

Mariano Pagella
Podcast Producer made in Argentina

Creating stories in audio form

Latest work

Duolingo Spanish Podcast Producer / Project manager

Produced by Adonde Media, this #1 iTunes podcast tells bilingual stories of travels with unexpected turns, plans unraveled, and destinations unknown. It is aimed for intermediate level spanish learners.
This are some of the episodes produced by me (mix, sound design). Besides being a producer, I'm also the project manager for the second season, managing the whole show schedule process. Complete Season 1

Arnold: The Hidden Years Writer / Editor / Producer / Narrator

Serialized miniseries telling the story of how Arnold Schwarzenegger became a movie star. It was developed entirely by me, from conceptualization to narration and mixing for Complete Season 1

Ralph McQuarrie: The other Star Wars creator Writer / Editor / Producer / Narrator

Documentary about Ralph McQuarrie's work on Star Wars and how it shaped that entire universe.

Jurassic World: Riding dinosaurs Writer / Editor / Producer

Audio fiction about a group of friends going to the Jurassic Park on a vacation.

Producido Por Editor / Producer

Documentary series about the 80's most relevant music producers that shaped the sound of the decade. Complete Series

1982 Editor / Producer

In 1982, due to the Malvinas War, english spoken music was banned in Argentina. This documentary series tells what happened each month of that year in the UK, the year pop music exploded.. Complete Series

A little about me

I have been a podcast producers since 2009.
In 2015 I co-founded Lunfa, one of the first podcast production companies in Argentina.
There I have worked as general producer, overseeing all the series that are created, scripting, editing and mixing shows and developing new ideas and formats with other talents.
In 2017 I joined Adonde Media as a producer for the Duolingo Spanish Podcast, and for season 2 I'm also in charge of the project management.
In 2018 I joined as a producer for No Ficción, a podcast developed by Penguin Random House.
In addition to my work as a producer, I'm the co-founder of Argentina Podcastera, a podcast directory for latin american podcasts that now has over 600 shows, and Podcaster@s, a newsletter about the spanish podcast industry.

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